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Hyperlinks in Block Attributes?
« on: September 23, 2010, 01:55:25 PM »
I'm new here, so here's my first post...
I have searched and found nothing on using Hyperlinks in Block Attributes.

I have a block. In it's attributes is a tag called "website". The block attribute value is a url or http:// that should lead you to a picture. I am starting with one hyperlink block attribute, but the goal is about 4 pictures per block. The block is repeated throughout the drawing with different values for each website tag that should take you to a different picture for each block occurrence.

Currently, the text appears as dumb text, not as a hyperlink. I understand manually attaching a hyperlink to an drawing object. This is different in that I want autocad to automatically recognize that the block attribute text is a link and allow the user to click on the text in the properties window and the picture open.

I have tried inserting a field into the block attribute value, choosing hyperlink and specifying the path, but this does not seem to be working.  In block editor it recognizes that the attribute is a hyperlink, but the cntrl-click doesn't open the file listed.  When I insert the block and put in all the info there is no sign that the attribute is a hyperlink.

What am I missing?

I find it quite frustrating that autocad doesn't recognize text as links like word or excel does. For example: if you type anything in a word document that starts with http://... word will recognize it as a link and give it link functionality. I need autocad to do this.

It could be that this link functionality can only be used with object data and not with block attributes. That would limit me to only using civil 3D, but I can live with that.

Any ideas?