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Can someone help with this Please

I am try to read Polyline from Shapefile and write to DWG using DotSpatial and ACadSharp

I can read and write the DWG but I get to many Polyline  109 Polyline Instead of 1 Polyline

Code: [Select]

    Dim vertices As List(Of LwPolyline.Vertex)

     doc.Header.Version = ACadVersion.AC1018

     doc.VPorts(VPort.DefaultName).ShowGrid = False

     For Each vp As VPort In doc.VPorts
         vp.ShowGrid = False

     Dim shapeActual = FeatureSet.Open(Path)
     Dim FeatureQty As Int16 = shapeActual.Features.Count

     ' Dim plineLst As List(Of Polyline) = New List(Of Polyline)()

     For Each feature As IFeature In shapeActual.Features
         For i As Integer = 0 To feature.Geometry.NumGeometries - 1

             For Each coord As Coordinate In feature.Geometry.GetGeometryN(i).Coordinates

                 Dim typ As DotSpatial.Data.FeatureType = feature.FeatureType
                 If typ = FeatureType.Line OrElse typ = FeatureType.Polygon Then

                     Dim LwPline = New LwPolyline()

                     For Each crd As Coordinate In feature.Geometry.Coordinates

                         vertices = New List(Of LwPolyline.Vertex)() From {
                                    New LwPolyline.Vertex(New XY(crd.X, crd.Y))
                         For i44 As Integer = 0 To vertices.Count - 1
                             LwPline.Layer = doc.Layers(Layer)

                 ElseIf typ = FeatureType.Point Then

                 ElseIf typ = FeatureType.MultiPoint Then

                 ElseIf typ = FeatureType.Unspecified Then

                 End If