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Bricscad parametric block - Set parameter value
« on: November 04, 2023, 06:04:37 PM »
Hello there,

I 'm trying to get all possible values of a block parameter and also set the parameter value to one of them.
Is that possible in the Bricscad .NET API?

When I try doing this on AutoCAD I 'm just getting the dynamic block properties.
I found the Parameter.GetByName() method in the Bricscad.Parametric namespace but what I get from it is not really of any use.

Is there somebody who might have an idea?

Thank you.


I figured out how to set the paramater value:

Code: [Select]
        BlockParameter par = Utility.GetBlockParameter(per.ObjectId, "W");
         resValue = par.Value;
        expr = par.Expression;
         par.Expression = "100";

One thing I would like still is to have a list of all possible values you can have inside this parameter.
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