Author Topic: Any reference about CMS IntelliCAD - is it good alternative for AutoCAD?  (Read 2524 times)

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I was wondering if anyone has any feedback about CMS IntelliCAD software and if it's a good alternative to AutoCAD.
Did some tests with their trial and it seems too good to be true considering the published prices.


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Re: Any reference about CMS IntelliCAD - is it good alternative for AutoCAD?
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2021, 09:58:18 AM »
I've had Intellicad installed at home for years, though I tend to use my Map3D 2018 more.  Customization in Intellicad is a bit different, sometimes tricky to get 3rd party stuff working, but all in all, no fundamental issues IME,

Perhaps instead of thinking Intellicad is priced too low, it would make more sense to consider that AutoCAD is priced way too high, betting on customer lock-in, FUD and subscription??
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Re: Any reference about CMS IntelliCAD - is it good alternative for AutoCAD?
« Reply #2 on: January 20, 2021, 04:04:45 AM »
I've used Intellicad since it was launched by VISIO (Intellicad 98, if memory serves)
Just upgraded my CMS version to version 10. ($89 or 69 here in the UK).
I'm still running 9 atm as the upgrades are effectively a NEW install, which is a pain, and I'm putting that off.

Yes it does not have ALL the functionality of Autocad, but for the price........
I don't use 3rd party ad-ons, so can't comment there.

I have found that customisation is just the same as in Autocad, I can load my old mnu files.
It will depend on what you want from it, is it 2D or3D
here are a couple of images of work I have done in Icad. (note: images were saved from Detect3D

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Re: Any reference about CMS IntelliCAD - is it good alternative for AutoCAD?
« Reply #3 on: January 30, 2021, 01:23:24 PM »
I'm really into learning about 'CAD Clones'. I've tried a few but not CMS IntelliCAD, so my advice will be pretty general.

In order to use a non-AutoCAD product effectively, consider two important factors: First, you have to be able to invest the time (and effort) to adjust. Many CAD departments have switched over to something cheaper but failed to give their staff proper time to adjust. Second, you'll need to identify the product's shortcomings; what features is it lacking compared to AutoCAD? And do you actually need those features? Use both these factors to help determine your productivity loss, which in turn is key in determining whether or not it's worth switching. A third thing I should briefly touch on is file compatibility: If you are using a lot of files that were created in AutoCAD (or an ACAD clone) there is certain to be at least some compatibility issues. If you are only doing work within your program itself then this is a non-issue. The most important take-home here is that you're aware of the fact that even a relatively small amount of productivity loss can more than negate the price difference from ACAD to a non-ACAD program.

At a glance the pricing definitely looks 'too good to be true'. But from an economics standpoint, it makes perfect sense. They've already spend the money developing the software. It costs mere pocket change (if that even) for them to issue new licenses. A smart strategy for an non-AutoCAD product at the moment is to attract new customers, rather than try and maximize profit-per-unit. I think that CMS is also targeting the 'up-sell' since they have so many variations of their product shown on their site. Offering the customer a cheap entry option could illustrate a lot of confidence in their product.