Author Topic: Alternatives to Autodesk's Model Derivative and Design Automation API?  (Read 2223 times)

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I'm a web developer developing an application to process .dwg and .dxf files using Autodesk Forge APIs. Is there any other alternative to these APIs that are at a lower cost? Seems like Autodesk's APIs are dominating the market.

All I need to do is be able to is:
1.) extract the total length of 2d dwg and dxf drawings
2.) extract total number of enclosed objects/lines (polylines, etc. All types of lines)

1.) Are there any alternatives to Autodesk's APIs that can do what I need at a low cost?
2.) What would it take to develop a custom/private API that could do this? (e.g. will it take a big team of programmers, or can it be done easily with one or two developers?)

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Re: Alternatives to Autodesks's Model Derivative and Deign Automation API?
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have a look at the ODA, or
Also BricsCAD classic will work with 2d and has an API

edit. Also, you may be able to do what you want with the data extraction command