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Getting Started Help required
« on: June 06, 2014, 12:53:15 PM »
My apologies.
  I do not know a better place to put this.  Hopefully a moderator will move it to a more appropriate place.
Obvious NB, trying several paths to learn what I need.  After finding the swamp and reading this post[.NET/Getting Started],
 I've gone to the autodesk site indicated below, but cannot open anything in it.

I had a similar problem with gile's uploads.  I can download the .zip files, but when I open them, there is nothing there.

AutoCAD .NET Developer's Guide's%20Guide/index.html

I'm at a work computer, so much access is throttled or cut-off; ie. blogs, etc.  I'm surprised I can get here.

Suggestions?  My first primary concern will be 3d construction via C# (hence the reference to gile), so I could also use a pointer to the appropriate thread area when I'm ready to tentatively broach a question. 
ps.  I promise I do know how to use the search function. (always first)

note:  A moderator did move it and started a new thread(mortified), so I referenced the original thread
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