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Weekend challenge
« Reply #30 on: April 13, 2005, 08:20:48 AM »
Quote from: Jeff_M
OK, I guess I'll go back and add a ton of error checking with different messages for each one so I can see where it's breaking. I suspect, though, that it is the ObjectDBX reference......and since I only have 2002 to test on, I'm not sure what the newer version nimbers are.

Hi Jeff. The
Command: layers2dwgs
; error: Automation Error. Description was not provided.

error can often be thrown when calling activex methods on custom objects when the associated arx libraries aren't loaded up. For example, trying to process a Rebis Civil / Structural model from a vanilla session. What one has to do before processing entities like this is to first do a sweep of the drawing (sometimes a dictionary scan will suffice) and determine if any additional arx libraries are required and load 'em up. This can be especially challenging if you receive files from third parties w/out the benefit of the arx files used to create them (zombie processing).

No doubt there are other sitiations that will throw this error but I know this to be one of them.

Sorry if this wasn't entirely coherent, I need, and yet don't yet have a big ol' cup of coffee in front of me.
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