Author Topic: Dynamic Blocks in Bricscad !  (Read 4936 times)

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Dynamic Blocks in Bricscad !
« on: March 12, 2014, 03:06:34 PM »
From what I have read dynamic blocks will continue to function in Bricscad since Ver. 11.  And it appears that an existing block can be edited while retaining its dynamic properties. 

I have opened several dynamic blocks posted here and the dynamic properties are available and work in Bricscad .

This leads me to a couple of questions.

Has anyone attempted to use an entmake insert (of a dynamic block) within an entmake block function ?  (this will be in Bricscad)
If the above was successful is it possible to have other entities created within the entmake block function (in Bricscad) adopt (for lack of a better term) the dynamic characteristics of the dynamic block ? (for example flipping the block)