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Replacing php Return Command with VB.NET
« on: April 01, 2013, 11:48:59 AM »
I am attempting to streamline an operation which consists of the following:

An outside web server (a hosting company) sends a web service stream to a php program on a web server (Xampp/Apache) here at our location. This php program process the stream and then uses the following command to let the hosting company's web service know that it succeeded:

Code: [Select]
return $msg;

I'm not a php programmer, thus the need for assistance. With this command the php program seems to know the calling server's information and thus by sending it the hosting company gets the message that all is well.

My proposal is to replace the Xampp webserver by running a VB.NET program instead. I have tested this and I'm able to intercept the stream and parse it accordingly. What I'm not sure how to do is to send the SUCCESS message back to the hosting company to signal their calling program that all went well.

Is this a matter of needing to know the name of the program which called the service... the hosting company uses a php program to send the stream so I'm thinking "".

The hosting company's stream comes over in this form:

"GET /Our_PHP_Program.php?id=275-1364830644&1=pdf&2=60&3=78&4=0&5=300&6=APS&7=0&8=0&9=0&10=None&11=0&12=1&13=0&14=0&15=0&16=0&17=0&18=0&19=0&20=0&21=None&22=1&23=1&24=0&25=rpl&26=None&27=0&28=0&29=0&30=0 HTTP/1.1" 200 11 "-" "Codular Sample cURL Request"

Looks like jibberish but believe me in that order I know what to do with it to make some magic with AutoCAD happen. But instead of calling the "Our_PHP_Program.php" I just want to grab this stream with my VB.NET program and act on it accordingly from there.