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Closure Report (Lots, Parcels, Boundary) C3d
« on: February 20, 2013, 12:44:35 PM »
We need to generate a closure report when submitting a plat to the County for all lots, tracts, and the boundary. Typical procedure is create the plat using parcels and generate a report through the Export Analysis under the parcels in Prospector. What I am noticing is in the case of a tract abutting multiple lots, the report gives a bearing/distance call for each "segment" of the abutting lots, and not the total distance of the actual tract boundary line. I hate the idea of using multiple sites for different parcel types/styles. This leads to duplicate linework which I am strongly against. Is there another way of generating a report that includes just the total lengths and not the segments, after all the parcel segment is in fact one line 300 feet long, why not report that?! Frustrated again..thanks for any help or ideas.



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Re: Closure Report (Lots, Parcels, Boundary) C3d
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I feel your pain ... frustrated with parcels as well.
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