Author Topic: xRefs on Mac (OS X) AutoCAD  (Read 1558 times)

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xRefs on Mac (OS X) AutoCAD
« on: August 03, 2012, 07:03:25 PM »
Ok, I have been looking for a solution, perhaps some here know what to do. We are moving to having a mixed office of Macs and PCs. Eventually this will be 100% Macs, but in the meanwhile, many of our projects use full paths for xRefs instead of relative paths (don't ask). This of course means that the Mac version of AutoCAD can't open the projects without having xRefs missing. Moving forward we are using only relative paths, but in the meanwhile we have many projects that do not.

So my questions is there a simply way to tell AutoCAD for Mac that if it see H:\ to replace H:\ with \Volumes\H Drive\ instead? Kind of like the redir command in AutoCAD for windows?