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Hi All
   I thought this might be worth the notice as this was issued after SP 3 (or 4 in the about) for Civil and Civil 3D 2009:

Documentation Hotfix - Section Volumes Display & Calculation
Published date: 2009-Jun-25

Applies to:
AutoCADŽ Civil 2009
AutoCADŽ Civil 3DŽ 2009

The zip file for this is at:

After installation of AutoCAD Civil 3D/Civil 2009 Update 2.1, if you open a drawing which contains materials displayed in section views, some of the materials may not display correctly and may not be included in the volume calculations. This Hotfix will resolve the display of materials in section views, and will correctly calculate the material volumes.

Note: this Hotfix should be applied on Civil 3D/Civil 2009 Update 2.1 or Update 3. This issue does not occur in Civil 3D/Civil 2010.

To update your installation, unzip the attached file, which is AeccLand.dbx, and overwrite the existing file located in your 2009 version of either Civil 3D or Civil:

C:\Program Files\AutoCAD Civil 3D 2009

C:\Program Files\AutoCAD Civil 2009

LDC 2009/C3D 2010/C3D 2011/C3D 2016

Win 10 64bit