Author Topic: I have a descriptor key file that worked with 2005 LDD and 2009 UPDATED!!!  (Read 1369 times)

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Update: I found the problem in what was stored in the dwg with the version of the location of the
prototype. So, if you have a dwg what was setup with points/symbols in 2005 and has locations for the place
the symbols are located for a specific version as I do for 2005 and 2009 LDD, then when you need to import
points/symbols be sure to reload the prototype with the new pointer locations. This seems to be the case
even if you have manually re-pointed where the point blocks are it ignores the change until the prototype is
identical to those changes.

Hi All
   This is for LDC 2009 not Civil3D
   Anybody have a setting or fix for the symbols not coming in from a point insert/import that uses a descriptor key file? I have used this in 2008 with no problem, but have some kind of kink with no being able to insert symbols that are attached to the point. EG. GM for a Gas Meter and nothing comes in.... All the pointers and settings are as in 2005 2006 2008. Is there something else in 2009 LDC that is different?

Thanks in advance

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Verify that if you attempt to create a new point file that the path is correct and you can see the preview of the blocks.
I have seen instances where the path will 'revert' to some other setting on you. Then Just for giggles create a brand new TestDummy point description in your DEFAULT description key, or is it? And set a point Manually to verify that it is ready your description key, that it is point to and looking at your symbol library, and that a Manually entered point behaves.
Then we can look at other causes.
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Mike and Michael,

I believe LDT 08 had this issue and it was fixed in the SP for some but not all LDT NG posters.

Before the SP was released users were placing the point blocks in the dwg/dwt & got the keys to work.

This maybe worth a try.


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we had the same issue, but sp2 fixed the problem.
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