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->Drawing names like "BUBBA03"

Hey, Dent can't help it.


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Alright, here's MY list ...

1.  Ditto
2.  Ditto
3.  Ditto
4.  Ditto
5.  Ditto
6.  Ditto
7.  Ditto
8.  Ditto
9.  Ditto
...  Ditto  ...  Ditto  ...  Ditto  ...

I hate the term "close enough".
Close enough does not get the job done.

I do have a question or two about some of the things you guys have listed.
Not to rag on anyone, I'm just curious.   I understand that you have to have lines in some cases but, those who have mentioned that they hate lines over lines, wanting single line segments, etc.   Do you work with objects or are you using lines almost entirely in the drawing ???   Again, I understand that there are professions that require lines instead of objects.   My peeve here in my office (Architectural) is that the other drafters here are still in the board drafting phase ...  on a computer.   They can't stand objects, they explode blocks and hatches, throw a cow when they explode a rectangle and then ...  whalla, they have lines over lines.   Go figure.
Now maybe I'm way ahead of myself here, I don't have a problem with large hatches and hatched areas, (1.13ghz, 256ram, WXPpro, ADT2004, 64megVideo) but I do know how to work with them so they are not cumbersome.
Someone mentioned mtext and leader connections.  I would think that that would have to deal with office protocol.  My office doesn't like the attached leader (can't understand why) but then again, it was quite some time before I could convince them that associative dimensioning is much faster and better than non-assoc.

Scales, ...  draw to scale.
Limits, ...  If your not going to put a drawing scale on the drawing (PS only), then at least put the drawing to a limits so we can determine the scale without a lot of fighting.  (MS should ALWAYS be 1:1)  Limits don't hurt there either, no one said you had to stay within the limits.

And again, ... more to come.   :D


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Hey! I made that bubba03.dwg, aint it sweeeeeet! :lol:

Kate M

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1. Senseless layer names -- like sect01, detail3, or just 6.
2. Misuse of layers -- four different lines for one wall, all on the same layer, and I don't know which are the real ones and which are architectural junk that doesn't belong on my drawing.
3. People who are sloppy because "it's faster this way"...nevermind that it'll take me three times as long to edit it now...

I know there's more, but you guys have covered a lot of it. :-)


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->, no one said you had to stay within the limits.
limcheck variable might.


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I have another, dimensions and leaders where the arrows are sooooo small they are unprintable.
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Quote from: eloquintet
i take that back daron. i was thinking that because we got some drawings with the walls hatched in and each segment is a block. we want to make all work that is not ours light but they make it a real hassle. so i guess that's my addition to the list

We have to do the same thing,everything from the Architect has to be on a certain color so it displays faded and our work stands out when plotted and viewed on screen.
Here's the lisp I use,we have everything set to color 8.
;* CLEANUP.LSP  With Attribute Cleanup enabled
;  by Dominic Panholzer
;     Flack + Kurtz Consulting Engineers
;     San Francisco
;     April 23, 1992
;*      This routine prepares drawings received from clients
;* to be used for background xrefs.  It will change every layer
;* color to the designated background color, specified by the
;* variable NEW_CLR below.  It will also change all drawing
;* entities to color BYLAYER.  Next all blocks will be checked
;* for attribute subentities with color designations. These will
;* all be changed to NEW_CLR.  Finally, all block subentities
;* which are not color BYLAYER will be changed to NEW_CLR.
(defun c:cln ( / NEW_CLR, CMD, TBDATA, ENAME, EDATA, ENXT)
  (setq NEW_CLR  8                              ; Color 8  = grey.
        NEW_CLR  (cons 62 NEW_CLR)              ; Set dotted pair for subst.
        CMD      (getvar "CMDECHO")             ; Save command echo setting.
        SS       (ssget "X")                    ; Selection set of all ents.
        SSLEN    (sslength SS)                  ; Length of selection set.
        CNT      0                              ; Counter = 0.
  (setvar "CMDECHO" 0)                          ; Set command echoing off.  
; Use this to select color to be changed to
; else 8 will be used
    (setq INPUT (getint "Please enter color number <8>: "))
    (setq NEW_CLR (CONS 62 INPUT))

; Change entities' color to BYLAYER
; and all layers to NEW_CLR

  (command "CHPROP" SS "" "COLOR" "BYLAYER" "") ; Change color of all ents.
  (command "LAYER" "COLOR" (cdr NEW_CLR) "*" ""); Change layer color.


  (while (< CNT SSLEN)
    (setq ENAME (ssname SS CNT)                 ; Step through each entity.
          EDATA (entget ENAME)
    (if (= (cdr (assoc 0 EDATA)) "INSERT")      ; If it is a block
      (if (setq ENXT (entnext ENAME))           ; and if it has a subentity        
          (if (= (cdr (assoc 0 (entget ENXT))) "ATTRIB") ; which is an attrib,
              (ch_color ENAME NEW_CLR)          ; then change its color.
    (setq CNT (1+ CNT))                         ; Go to the next entity.


  (setq TBDATA (tblnext "BLOCK" T))             ; Retreive the first block
  (while TBDATA                                 ; from symbol table.
    (setq ENAME (cdr (assoc -2 TBDATA)))        ; Retrive its entity number.
    (ch_color ENAME NEW_CLR)                    ; Change its color.
    (setq TBDATA (tblnext "BLOCK"))             ; Get the next block.
  (command "REGEN")                             ; Regenerate the drawing.
  (setvar "CMDECHO" CMD)                        ; Reset command echo.
  (princ)                                       ; Finish cleanly.


; -------------------- COLOR CHANGING FUNCTION -------------------
;                 Changes ENAME's color to NEW_CLR
; ----------------------------------------------------------------

(defun ch_color ( ENAME, NEW_CLR / EDATA, OLD_CLR)
  (setq EDATA (entget ENAME))                 ; Get entity data.
  (while EDATA                                
    (if (setq OLD_CLR (assoc 62 EDATA))       ; If entity has a color,
        (setq EDATA (subst NEW_CLR OLD_CLR EDATA))     ; subst. new color
        (entmod EDATA)                                 ; and update entity.
    (setq ENAME (entnext ENAME))              ; Retreive subentity.
    (if ENAME                                 ; If it exists repeat process,
      (setq EDATA (entget ENAME))
      (setq EDATA nil)                        ; else return.
    (if (= (cdr (assoc 0 EDATA)) "SEQEND")    ; needed for attributes but
      (setq EDATA nil)                        ; causes problems with block
    )                                         ; cleanup


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« Reply #22 on: January 21, 2004, 06:13:39 PM »
We change the floor plan colors through xref-ing on roof framing, electrical and mechanical plans to color 15. Our ctb is set to make color 15 grayed out. I know we could use 254 but that brown color 15 is just sooo purdy. Actually, it's just something we've been doing since long before I was here.


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« Reply #23 on: January 21, 2004, 09:11:13 PM »
1. Drawings all in one layer.

2. Using a single layer with different colors and linetypes.

3. Lines on top of lines, or using three seperate lines in place of a single line.

4. Not using snaps. This doesn't bother me on mechanical drawings, but when people touch my P&ID's or schematics without using snaps it makes me want to start cracking skulls.

5.  Storing a work in progress drawing on their local hard drive or on the fileserver instead of in our document management system, because they don't know how it works.

6. Telling people the same thing 6,000 times. Especially when the things I have to tell them I had documented in a manual and given to them over a year and a half ago.

7. Being put in charge of a document management system and then have everyone in engineering department, including the head of engineering (who's your boss), tell you it's a waste of time and unproductive.....every day for the past two years.

8. Getting paid over $5,000 less than everyone (even the people hired after you) just because you're young. Nevermind the fact that you've come up with almost all the cad standards, developed a ton of custom applications (which for the most part are to stop the other people from messing up), are responsible for the document management system which without no department could work, and spend most of your time dealing with the other users computer issues.

9. Having someone ask you a question then they tell you they knew the answer after you tell them.

10. Exploded dimmensions.

Sorry for the rant. I got a little off topic. :wink:


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« Reply #24 on: January 21, 2004, 09:53:21 PM »
Nope...that is the topic. :lol:

My only Qualification is someones statement that xrefs should be on layer we may have 3 or 4 xrefs in one layout.  If each xref is on its own layer ( piping on PIP, skid members on SKD) with the xref named accordingly, then you can isolate all or part of each xref according to its layer ( PIP|XXX or SKD|XXX....)  To each his own, I guess, but for us this saves a LOT of confusion. :wink:


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« Reply #25 on: January 22, 2004, 06:06:37 AM »
2. Drawings that use the old style plot by color rather than plot by lineweight

While most of the above winds me up on a daily basis, what is wrong with plot by colour. I have different items on different layers assign colour to layer and use a ctb style for plotting. Or have I misunderstood

czech mate

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Martin Y....
Welcome to the Swamp.
(Bring your own Mosquitoes)

czech mate

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Exploded dimensions
Exploded dimensions
Exploded dimensions
ANYTHING coming from City Hall  :?
Drawings that are scaled to fit a page at a scale of 1:1 (the tail wagging the dog)
Exploded dimensions
Undefined fonts
Exploded dimensions
X-refs that are on someone elses computer that isn't hooked into the net.
Blocks with insertion points half-way to Andromeda.
Exploded dimensions
Exploded dimensions
AutoCad 2004 (what's the next version gonna screw-up?)
Exploded dimensions
Exploded dimensions
Illogically named layers
Dimensions that don't seem to refer to any significant point
Exploded dimensions

And I almost forgot - Exploded dimensions


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Thanks, I see a lot of 'faces' from the old site, thought I would come over for a while.


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Has anyone mentioned exploded dimensions?
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