Author Topic: Dynaamic Scale Based on Attribute Value  (Read 7386 times)

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Dynaamic Scale Based on Attribute Value
« on: November 04, 2022, 03:45:16 PM »
Hello there,

Hoping someone can shed some light into the automation of my dynamic block based on the goal specified below.

I have a dynamic block of a tree in plan view which has several parameters, including:
1. Linear (applied to tree radius)
2. Lookup (reads tree radius and assigns a lookup value to the canopy size)
3. Visibility State (protect, demolish, relocate)

Within this block are also 3 ATTDEFinitions
1. Tree Number
2. Tree Size (Caliper Inches)
3. Tree Name (Species)

It has been requested that we also include a Critical Root Zone for this block. Critical Root Zone is equal to 1' per caliper inch of tree. I am struggling to figure out how to consolidate my Linear and Scale Lookup parameters so that the critical root zone and tree canopy automatically scale based on the value our engineer inputs for the surveyed caliper inch of a tree.

Therefore, when a value of 30" is input to the attribute for caliper size, the circle for Critical Root Zone and Canopy are both scaled to a diameter of 30'-0"

Thank you in advance.