Author Topic: problems with dcl-Control-SetText and textbox  (Read 3578 times)

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problems with dcl-Control-SetText and textbox
« on: January 08, 2022, 08:42:13 PM »
Hi guys, i need help. Im very rookie with Opendcl. Im practicing wiht Modeless dialog, I have inserted a textbox and I need put a value on that textbox, I wrote this simple code to test. It is very basic but I have not achieved it

(defun c:tra (/)
(command "_OPENDCL")
(dcl_Project_Load "pru" T)
(dcl_Form_Show formpru1)

(defun c:formpru1#OnInicializar (/)
(dcl-Control-SetText pru/formpru1/textovalor "funciono")

I have tried in different ways, but doesnt work, appear a error message (attached) when run the routine in ACAD.Please have someone give me a hand, I would appreciate it.