Author Topic: Autolisp / DCL in multiple languages.  (Read 191 times)

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Re: Autolisp / DCL in multiple languages.
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Just a maybe you could have 1 DCL it has variables for all the string stuff like para1 "Please choose" for english. You have a cond that says which language, so sets up all the parax values from a list using the Set function.

(setq englst (list "Please choose" "Enter length" "Enter width"))
(setq frenchlst .............
(setq spanishlst ...........

Code: [Select]
do a foreach etc this is example
use a cond for which language
(setq lst englst)

(setq x 0)
(foreach str lst
(set (read (strcat "para" (rtos (setq x (1+ x)) 2 0))) str)

(strcat "label = " para1 etc
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