Author Topic: Lisp to transfer database-linked data (Link Template) to object data  (Read 219 times)

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Hi Community!

I would like to know if it is possible to copy or transfer the content of the link template of selected elements to a specific data object.
The selected objects can be polylines and hatches or blocks.

Below I show a graphic example of what I would like to know if it is possible.
In the following image I have selected a graphic element made up of polyline and hatch drawing; the Object Data and Link Template have the same name SDM_DEM_DEMARCACION

And in this last graphic example that I show I have the drawing of a selected block which has the Object Data and Link Template with the same name SDM_SEN_SENALIZACION

what I want to do is transfer information from the link template to the data object through a routine (lisp), I attach an Example in autocad with its respective base of the link generated with access.
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