Author Topic: How to reset block and then updates the custom properties?  (Read 898 times)

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How to reset block and then updates the custom properties?
« on: April 22, 2021, 11:30:23 PM »
Shark Navigator Lift Away Guide: All You Need To Know About Shark NV356E

There are many ways to remove annoying dust and dirt around your house and offices, such as using brooms and mops. However, a stunning vacuum might be one of the most convenient and valuable methods.

But, which one should you choose in such a dynamic, cleaner market? My answer is the Shark navigator lift-away NV356E. With excellent performance on various surfaces, the machine also comes with a wide range of advantages like the 2-in-1 function and modern technology. Let's scroll down to have a deeper insight into the valuable device!

Shark NV356E: A Quick Look

Coming from the well-known SharkNinja Operating LLC company, the NV356E model features a lot of great functions. The detached canister is the first example. That being said, when you use the 2-in-1 vacuum, you would either clean bare floors with the upright mode or remove dust in hard-to-reach areas with the canister mode.

More importantly, the Shark offering is well-equipped with the modern Anti-allergen Complete Seal technology and HEPA filters. Plus, following Shark Navigator Lift Away reviews, the machine shows an incredible performance on hard floors and rugs.


  • Strong suction power
  • Large dust bin
  • Suitable with bare floors and carpets
  • Assemble easily

  • Hard to clean low furniture
Setup Process

Unlike other Shark Navigator Lift-Away vacuum reviews, I would like to discuss the setup process of the mentioned device first simply because the field has been given a lot more rates and comments.

Via thorough tests, the device has proven itself that there is no difficulty in setting it up. Typically, it takes from roughly eight to ten minutes to make the machine ready. Moreover, the instructions have additional diagrams to make separate parts clearer and show you how to attach them.

By contrast, there is a short debate about the involved accessories. While some users commented that the machine lacks a few attachments, some disagreed and showed there was nothing missed. Eventually, when I checked the device right after taking it out of the box, I realized the manual added a few more accessories than the machine contained, such as a comprehensive upholstery tool. Perhaps the wrong information came from an older model, which had not been removed.

However, overall, the build-up process encounters no difficulty.


There are two words to describe the performance of the Shark Navigator Lift Away Vacuum Cleaner NV356E: versatile and powerful.

Concerning the powerful feature, the machine can suck up even large debris such as cereal, rice, or pet litter on my tests. Besides, to have a more thorough examination, I run it on my house's hallway areas, including rugs and high-pile carpets. Extraordinarily, the cleaner can remove dirt well per a single pass.

Second, it is rated as a versatile vacuum because of the 2-in-1 function. When you want to clean hard-to-reach or tight areas, use the portable canister would ultimately help.

On the other side, some buyers complained that they find it hard to clean low pieces of furniture with the device. In that case, some attachments included, such as a crevice or upholstery tool, might be helpful.

Final Words

In summary, above are all you need to know about the Shark navigator lift away upright vacuum NV356E.

Hopefully, via the information, you would find the best vacuum to do the tiresome household chores.
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Re: How to reset block and then updates the custom properties?
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When you say 'reset the block', do you mean redefine it from the source definition?