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dropdown in combo_box
« on: March 30, 2019, 11:10:17 AM »
I do have the following problem
There is an combo_box filled with an list of values. If i tpe in an Letter ant its matching to one of the items in that list, im firing an dropdown command for open the List
Code: [Select]
  (defun SENDKEY (strKeys / oWScript)
    (if (setq oWScript (vlax-create-object "WScript.Shell"))
        (vlax-invoke-method oWScript 'Sendkeys strKeys)
        (vlax-release-object oWScript)

Code: [Select]
Now by opening that list, it highlights the first matching word and put that word also in this input line where i typed in this letter.
The issue now is, if i type in the next letter, it will overwrite the whole highlighted word.
I like to type in that input field all letters without highliting and to overwrite.

I tryed to overwrite the highlighted word by that single letter i put in, but these isn't madable. There is no option to put in an letter or word with the odcl Events
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