Author Topic: Acceptable advertising on TheSwamp.  (Read 4830 times)

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Acceptable advertising on TheSwamp.
« on: May 31, 2005, 08:05:46 pm »
Acceptable advertising on TheSwamp.

As you can see TheSwamp is devoid of advertisement, this is by design. Flashing banners, scrolling text and pop-ups are (IMO) the very worst of the advertising game.

As you (may) know TheSwamp is funded (with the exception of personal donations) by one person, me. There are no backing companies or corporations, therefore I have full autonomy to decide what advertising shall be allowed to reside herein.

The following are guidelines of what may be used in the form of advertisement (subject to my approval).

Adding a link to a website in your signature; keep it small and unobtrusive.
Initiating a new thread in the proper forum as long as it's in good taste and is relevant to that forum.
Adding a link or a description of a product to an existing thread as long as it's relevant to said thread.

The following are not alowed:

Large and / or visually annoying (e.g. flashing) links and or linked graphics.
Avatars containing any form of advertising.
Registering a username at theswamp for the sole purpose of posting advertisements.

Please note that I reserve the right to delete any advertisement that, in my opinion, fails to honor the above guidelines or does not gel with the spirit of theswamp.

Failure to abide by these guidelines will result in post deletions; worse, may result in a site ban.

Thank you for your cooperation, sincerely -- Mark S. Thomas  (serving the CAD community since 2003)