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Disabling Alt key menu navigation
« on: August 04, 2017, 05:45:29 pm »

At some point this spring my install of Civil 3D 2016 started activating the Alt Menu keyboard shortcuts when I'd hit the enter key to run a command I'd just entered. It's pretty arbitrary when it happens, like when typing  "c and enter" or "pl and enter" as a couple of examples. I have completely removed and reinstalled my Civil 3D install.

Is there a (windows or Autocad) setting/variable to turn off the Alt menu keyboard navigation system? I use the Alt key for text and in keyboard combos (control+alt+delete) so I don't want it completely off via editing the registry. Navigating the menus with the keyboard is not something I do ever.

I have searched the web periodically over the last few months anytime I think of a new way of phasing my search terms without discovering any new solution so I figured if it was possible, here would be the place to find out how.

I have SincPac and Husson's Pipe tools installed.