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What is TheSwamp?
« on: August 16, 2004, 03:45:11 pm »
What is TheSwamp?

Simply put, TheSwamp is a friendly community of programmers, designers and drafters who share ideas, resources and information in a friendly, helpful context.

What does it cost?

There is no cost to you, nor will there ever be one.  The only requirement is that you keep your posts and contributions to our forums on a professional level.

But there must be costs, who's pickin' up the tab?

TheSwamp is maintained on the server level by Mark Thomas. All the computers, hardware and internet connections are paid for and maintained by Mark. The servers reside in his home -- he built the main one!

Why does he do this?

Our best guess is that Mark has a philanthropy complex. For that we are sincerely grateful. :)

But it's too much for just one guy!

On the forum level TheSwamp is maintained by moderators and long time members.

Is TheSwamp part of another forum?

No. TheSwamp is wholly independent -- There is no business or corporation associated with TheSwamp nor is the TheSwamp a part of another forum or message board.

Is there a place I can upload/download files?

Yes. TheSwamp provides a CVS (Concurrent Version System) repository for logged in members (Subversion), as well as the ability to attach files to posts in several forums. We also have two up/download areas (web accessible) for registered members.

I'd like to drop a few coppers into the hat but how?

Donations to TheSwamp are not required to utilize all the features available herein, and as stated previously -- never will be. Moreover, this is not a bid to solicit funds from you. Rather, this is a direct response to the many folks who have inquired "How can I make a donation to TheSwamp?".

So ... all we'll say here is ... if you would like to help cover TheSwamp's maintenance costs please ask one of the moderators / administrators for information (or if you're a logged in member, by clicking the donate link at the top left of the front page, under 'Swamp Menu').

Do I have I have any obligations as a member of the swamp?

Yes. Be respectful of your forumites (even when you disagree) and maintain professional language and decorum in all forums; err on the side of kindness. That way all swamp correspondence may be deemed "safe for work" and an added bonus: we all remain friends.

Also, don't just lurk, join the mix, participate, share!


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