Author Topic: to make a DWG , from an XLS, by VBA , from the VBA editor at xls  (Read 16 times)

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I have a:
xls with columns block-name att1-tag to attn-tag could be about 15 att. and columns ,at the same row with att-values. last colummn to set order number or empty , to insert the block. All data at the same row

a dwt template , modelspace empty
the block collection at Adoc
all features by user

3rd Populate the modelsapce with blocks in a row as wide has paper space wide , and a line conecting each block with subsecuent block .

It´s kind of a unifilar circuit , no branchs

4th save as phat/project.dwg
Hope it is clear
5th print the dwg as pdf file
6th Open the pdf file
The user will never manipulate the dwg , it is a commercial person , no ACAD skill.
Hope it is clear

Or at least I need to see xls-VBA to dwg from XLS , NOT acad-VBA to dwg.
I´m proficient in VLISP, I want to start in this new task.
Thank in advance

Its a project in my mind , not materialized neither in XLS and DWT

I just want to know if it is possible , and the first step on XLS VBA to ACAD .

Off course the user station hold XLS, it´s ACAD VBA complements , and ACAD,

Thanks in advance.

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