Author Topic: Replicate status bar TEXT not icons - autocad 2015/2016  (Read 15785 times)

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Re: Replicate status bar TEXT not icons - autocad 2015/2016
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I was talking for working with any command... For example, you start LINE command, input start point and then you want to finish line, but you panned or zoomed and ending point you want to reach is still outside of visible screen... Maximum or minimum zoom level is reached or limits of panning... And what do you do : type _'3DO and hit ENTER... REGEN was triggered and you can continue to pan or zoom while LINE command is still active... You can now reach your desired end point destination and complete LINE command without any problems... I've also noticed that actually if you enter 3D visual style before you issue command and then start it, you can zoom or pan continuously while command active, you don't even need to enter transparent _'3DO, you can work as you wish as much as you want... So you actually don't need REGEN reactor or similar function in memory of CAD... This should be working with any built-in command only thing is that when you have DWG full with various 3D and 2D entities CAD will slow down, so you may experience some problems while working...
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