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Hiya fellow ACA'er's ADT'ers
« on: February 21, 2011, 08:46:30 AM »
Hi I am new to this forum and just wanted to introduce myself.

Been using since ADT3 obsessively and wanted to share my thoughts with you all.
Mostly work with residential and have a number of offtrack processes that have brought me greater productivity than OOTB methodology.
I find the PN is overkill & counter-productive for residential work of pretty much any size (not meaning multistorey units/flats) and have developed my own MultiLevel in 1 file approach using simple lisp and a simpler Layer Key Style based on levels.  I pretty much efficiently and easily render all my projects to some degree within ACA2009 and have developed systems for doing that much more efficiently than the OOTB , proclaim myself the Roof Object King (because I'm too stupid or stubborn to give up on it) and use the roof object almost completely. US roofs do have complications (that stretch the RO but even then many can be done using it.  There are many tricks to the RO that you have never heard anywhere else.

Come over & visit if you would like to consider some different (more efficient) processes for residential and even small commercial work. I am happy to send you a sample file and lisp to demonstrate the Multi-Level in 1 file approach if you comment with your email (THAT will NOT be posted).  I have nothing to sell !

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