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Events consecution
« on: January 31, 2011, 11:29:40 AM »
see and run the attached files

1 click on "Label1"
2 click on "Parent1"
3 close the dialog
4 see the output

Command: test
start   c:Test_Form1_OnInitialize
end     c:Test_Form1_OnInitialize

start   c:test_Form1_Grid1_OnBeginLabelEdit
end     c:test_Form1_Grid1_OnBeginLabelEdit

start   c:test_Form1_TreeControl1_OnSelChanged
end     c:test_Form1_TreeControl1_OnSelChanged

start   c:test_Form1_Grid1_OnEndLabelEdit
end     c:test_Form1_Grid1_OnEndLabelEdit

as you see "c:test_Form1_TreeControl1_OnSelChanged" event fires before "c:test_Form1_Grid1_OnEndLabelEdit".
i think it is not right, it must wait until "c:test_Form1_Grid1_OnEndLabelEdit" finishes.