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Quote from: CAB
Well I think everyone is on the same page now. :)
There is a different PSLTSCALE for each Tab.
rktect3j did that solve your problem?

Well, actually no.  That box just turns the psltscale on or off.  That shows the hidden2 line as either on or off or rather that it is a solid line or hidden.  In actuallity all it does is change the scale factor of the line.  What I am trying to do is draw a hidden2 line in model space.  
Turn ltscale to 1
Draw hidden2 line
See it looks solid.
Now change ltscale to 48
Do regen
See it looks hidden2.
What I know I am seeing is hidden2 line that is dashed but I know that what it should look like for this scale factor is twice as small as it appears right now on my screen.  Your screen probably shows this to be different to what I am seeing because I know what it used to look like in acad14.  It is somehow twice the size/scale factor of that what it should be.

Double click on your line you just drew.  At linetype scale change it to 2 instead of 1.  Now that is the line I am seeing but on my computer it says linetype scale = 1 not 2

It is off by a factor of 2 in all scale factors.  If I want 48 then I have to type in 24.

Sounds pathetic to me just rereading this.

Thanks for trying but I think someone would have to actually be here to figure this out.


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« Reply #16 on: December 15, 2004, 12:30:27 PM »
When you have PSLTSCALE off it does not turn the HIDDEN2 line off.
You just are not seeing the dashes because the lines you are looking at in PS is too short.

On my system, ACAD2000 Hidden2 line type, when drawing a 100 foot horrizontal line, 1200 units.
In Model space the dash is 5-13/16  and the space is 3-1/32   LTSCALE 1  Globle Scale 48
Measuring in PS units VP not active
In PS VP scale 1/4"  dash is 1/8  and the space is 1/16  PSLTSCALE off
In PS VP scale 1/4"  dash is 6"  and the space is 3" PSLTSCALE on

So with a dash of 6 inches it takes a long line segment to become visible in PS.

What are your dash & space lengths?
Have you reloaded that linetype in your DWT or DWG file to see if that helps?
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