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« on: December 09, 2004, 09:15:09 PM »
1. This is what i want to do.  Redefine the attribute size in a block that has been multiplied across the dwg.  The typical block is a rec with an alphabet attribute.

What i did:
insert block,
xplode block,
do the changes
and then   attredef   the block.

The problem: does not update the attribute size, but does do the other chages (such as bigger rec).  I've noticed this only when we switched to A2005 that attredef is not working as it should.

I've also tried redefining the block but to no avail.

2. Another related problem is, I draw a line and attribute.  save that as a block.  When I 'edit' (ATE / ED)  the block, it says it does not have any editable attributes...   :?:


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« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2004, 10:05:42 PM »
Instead of ATTREDEF use ATTSYNC after redefining the block.


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« Reply #2 on: December 10, 2004, 03:49:12 AM »
This baby will change size, font style, colour, angle etc.

Code: [Select]
; Change Attribute Properties en masse
;; A series of routines for changing attribute properties on a mass of attributes.
;; Can change each proprty, i.e. the layer, color, style, layer etc of many attributes at once.
;; Also a routine to change attribute text to upper case.
;; Another to transfer data from one attribute to another. Handy if you are updating or
;; replacing blocks with a new version, i.e. line number racetrack blocks. Also copies from
;; text to attribute but not from attribute to text.
;; Another routine if you drawing piping GA's using line numbers for layer names. Get the
;; layer name from an object and paste into the attribute in a line number racetrack block.

;;;Attribute style change
(defun c:asc ()
(setq atts(getstring "\nEnter new attribute style: "))
(command "attedit" "y" "*" "*" "*" "c" pause pause)
(= 1 (logand (getvar "cmdactive") 1))
(command "s" atts "n")
);;; end while
);;; end lisp

;;;Attribute height change
(defun c:ahc ()
(setq atth(getreal "\nEnter new attribute height: "))
(command "attedit" "y" "*" "*" "*" "c" pause pause)
(= 1 (logand (getvar "cmdactive") 1))
(command "h" atth "n")
);;; end while
);;; end lisp

;;;Attribute angle change
(defun c:aac ()
(setq atta(getint "\nEnter new attribute angle: "))
(command "attedit" "y" "*" "*" "*" "c" pause pause)
(= 1 (logand (getvar "cmdactive") 1))
(command "a" atta "n")
);;; end while
);;; end lisp

;;;Attribute color change
(defun c:acc ()
(setq attc(getint "\nEnter new attribute color: "))
(command "attedit" "y" "*" "*" "*" "c" pause pause)
(= 1 (logand (getvar "cmdactive") 1))
(command "c" attc "n")
);;; end while
);;; end lisp

;;;Attribute layer change
(defun c:alc ()
(setq attl(getstring "\nEnter new attribute layer: "))
(command "attedit" "y" "*" "*" "*" "c" pause pause)
(= 1 (logand (getvar "cmdactive") 1))
(command "l" attl "n")
);;; end while
);;; end lisp

;;; Block attribute case change
(defun c:AttUpper ()
 (setq ATWC1(nentsel "\nSelect block data from: "))
  (setq ATWC2(car ATWC1))
   (setq ATWC3(entget ATWC2))
    (setq ATWC4(cdr(assoc 1 ATWC3)))
     (setq ATWC5(cdr(assoc 10 ATWC3)))
  (setq ATWCTXT (Strcase ATWC4))
(command "attedit" "n" "y" "*" "*" "*" ATWC5 "" ATWC4 ATWCTXT)

;;; Block attribute data transfer
(defun c:BADT ()
 (setq e1s(nentsel "\nSelect block data from: "))
 (setq e2s(nentsel "\nSelect block data to: "))
  (setq e1n(car e1s))
  (setq e2n(car e2s))
   (setq e1d(entget e1n))
   (setq e2d(entget e2n))
    (setq e1dd(cdr(assoc 1 e1d)))
    (setq e2dd(cdr(assoc 1 e2d)))
     (setq e1p(cdr(assoc 10 e1d)))
     (setq e2p(cdr(assoc 10 e2d)))
  (setq tt1 e1dd)
  (setq tt2 e2dd)
(command "attedit" "n" "y" "*" "*" "*" e2p "" tt2 tt1)

;;; Layer name to block attribute
(defun c:LTATT ()
 (setq en1s(nentsel "\nSelect entity on layer: "))
 (setq en2s(nentsel "\nSelect block data to: "))
  (setq en1n(car en1s))
  (setq en2n(car en2s))
   (setq en1d(entget en1n))
   (setq en2d(entget en2n))
    (setq en1dd(cdr(assoc 8 en1d)))
    (setq en2dd(cdr(assoc 1 en2d)))
     (setq en1p(cdr(assoc 10 en1d)))
     (setq en2p(cdr(assoc 10 en2d)))
  (setq ttn1 en1dd)
  (setq ttn2 en2dd)
(command "attedit" "n" "y" "*" "*" "*" en2p "" ttn2 ttn1)
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