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Re: .NET Getting Started
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Thanks to James Michael Hare

The Original C#/.NET Little Wonders Trilogy The C#/.NET Little Wonder Sequels The C# 6 Little Wonders The Visual Studio Little Wonders The C#/.NET Concurrent Little Wonders The C#/.NET Little Pitfalls The C#/.NET Little Wonders and Little Pitfalls Presentations
C#/.NET Little Wonders from BlackRabbitCoder 
More Little Wonders of C#/.NET from BlackRabbitCoder 
C#/.NET Little Pitfalls from BlackRabbitCoder  The C#/.NET Fundaments: Of Lambdas and LINQ Presentation
Of Lambdas and LINQ from BlackRabbitCoder
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WPF MVVM - lots of links for your Lerns and Entity Framework bonus
« Reply #31 on: April 28, 2015, 06:00:37 am »
A few months ago I binged on the Internet to learn more about WPF MVVM, here is a cherry-picked list of links I saved. There are  215 links so they are attached as a html page, otherwise this would look like the spammiest comment on the Internet).

A lot of the good WPF articles date back to 2008-ish, don't let that scare you, it hasn't changed fundamentally much since then so they are still very relevant. Code Project was da bomb back in the day (it is still a good resource).

Um, there's a lot of links, ok but don't let that scare you. Have a browse and you will get a good idea (I hope) of the WPF landscape. Like anything in our programming world there is an infinite depth you can dive to, it depends on how long you can hold your breath. Trust me, I'm messing with Entity Framework at the moment.  oh, you want to know about that too? Sucker...
So far I've managed to get 240,000 attributes in  37,000 blocks from 205 drawings into SQL Server in 4 minutes (with no Async) so it's not as slow as it used to be (the AutoCAD part of it takes ~ 1 minute). EF is actually not especially difficult to use either although it is very easy to use it badly, as I rediscover on a regular basis. Stack Overflow has lots of great answers to a lot of tricky edge-case stuff, as per usual.

If you haven't already figured it out, learning about this stuff is just as iterative as doing it, if you don't stuff it up lots you're not getting better at it.

...edit a few days yet another effort to break things I Asynced the Entity framework routines and the process time when from just over 4 minutes to 2 - 2-1/2 minutes.
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Re: .NET Getting Started
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Re: .NET Getting Started
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Noticed this today :
leads to :   interactive                                                       interactive

by Bob Tabor , author of the prev link referenced course
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