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ObjectDCL 7.2.1 / 7.2.0
« on: November 29, 2009, 08:55:05 PM »
ObjectDCL most recent versions are:
 - 7.2.1 for the editor
 - 7.2.0 for the ARX module

ObjectDCL is an enabling technology. ObjectDCL allows drawing dialog boxes in AutoCAD, easily and with more control than ever before. Configuration tabs can even be added to the AutoCAD Options/Preferences dialog.

With ObjectDCL, the days of creating dialog boxes with the time consuming and confusing language of DCL are over. From now on dialogs are drawn quicker, easier and better. ObjectDCL provides more visual components and more customization options than were possible before with DCL.

What once took hours or even days to create can now be drawn in minutes. ObjectDCL includes all the dialog box styles and all the grid controls.

It comes with:
 - Online Help:
 - Knowledge Base:
 - And additional resources that can be found at

The technology is best suited for small and large user bases. It has a distribution system for easy deployment on a large array of AutoCAD versions and platforms. Extensive documentation and sample scripts are provided for making installation a breeze.

Best regards,

Martin Leduc, P.E.
DuctiSoft Inc.