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Re: is now LIVE...
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Did any one talk to Mark about this (Im sure if someone from the ODCL team asked they could have had a forum--or all the tools--set up here with little trouble.)? I mean, i haven't researched the facts yet, but if i were calling the shots i would have asked another OPEN--related--project to ``team up''. ...I guess i don't understand the idea to create a separate forum when people who need lisp help come here anyways.

Mark has already been kind enough to give us a space to discuss ODCL. The prob. is there are now 2 ODCL's that aren't associated with each other. So someone could be asking for help on software A and anther user could be offering help on software B, that doesn't work in software A. Which will cause a lot of confusion for the new user to that software...
All is trying to do is offer the most effective help/support it can to it's users.

If you're looking for lisp help then this is the place to be...
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Re: is now LIVE...
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Okie-dooky, that tells me everything i need to know. (serving the CAD community since 2003)
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