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I got yer (psuedo) palette right here!
« on: July 18, 2006, 08:43:54 AM »

I've "grouped" two sets of tools: those dealing with placeing and editing keynotes in a drawing and those that place, edit, and control keynote charting.  If the user picks anywhere on the grey bar that portion of the form is either rolled up or down.  If the user picks the main rollup button at the top the entire form is either rolled up or down.  There is also a close button and transparency button: Thanks to Matt W. for the popup menu code used on the transparency button!

I've also used labels to mimc "flat buttons".  Still not as nice as true flat buttons (couldn't get the image property to work on the Microsoft Toolbar control!) but I like it better than regular buttons!  Control of the "flat" button state is used with the mouseMove and mouseDown events - I know it's alot of code but hey, what else can you do? (I know learn C#).

Keynote "key" and "tag" info is saved in a .txt file to be "read" into the form.  The location of this file is saved in each drawing in a dictionary.  The form is designed to read this dictionary entry on the DocumentActivate event and then populate the listbox with the appropriate keynotes.

Lets see, that's about it on the VBA form side, if you want the full AutoLisp code to see how it all works let me know and I'll strip it out and post it.

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Re: I got yer (psuedo) palette right here!
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