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Title: First code in Dynamo, the fractal tree
Post by: qjchen on February 22, 2016, 10:44:35 AM
It is very cool that dynamo is also included in TheSwamp.

Ten years before, I have ever published a code in theswamp for drawing 2d fractal trees by LISP.

Last year, I have done some researches on REVIT development.

At first, I use c# to develop it and got not bad result. But recently, I found that Dynamo is also a tool like grasshopper in

RHINO (a popular program tool use GUI interface), so I thought it maybe a funny and easier tool for Revit.

So recently I tried to use dynamo to write the fractal tree I have ever done before. Since I am not very familiar with use the GUI tool to

control complex loop, so I used python script inside to write my first code. But fortunately Python is similar to LISP and I

have studied it for some time, so it only took me one day to translate the code into Dynamo, and it works.

The 2d fractal trees dynamo file is attached and the results are as in the photo, I hope you like it.

Note:in draw tree script you can comment this two lines to make the code run faster


Because I am a new one in Dynamo, so I dont know too much about dynamo package.

After I wrote this code, I found that there are also other package about fractal tree in Dynamo also include in the Dynamo package center.

Nevertheless, this my attempt on Dynamo, and I get more familiar with it. I hope I can learn more about it in the future.
Title: Re: First code in Dynamo, the fractal tree
Post by: hudster on April 14, 2016, 11:05:39 AM
Very nice, I'm struggling to create levels offset from levels in a linked models, I need to try harder