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Title: ARX error
Post by: PHX cadie on October 28, 2009, 10:54:17 PM
I believe I have an error that has started from some Civil base files from the client and the error seems to have migrated to other project files.

Seems when I try to copyclip from one sheet into the sheet file I get dialog box:
"ARX Error eDuplicateKey" and the only to get out of it Ctrl/Alt/Del

When closing Acad, there's the popular:
"Fatal Error Attempt to delete class 'AecFieldEvaluatorLeaderBase' which still has registered descendants"

I can not copyclip, audit, chgspace, insert blocks from the company pulldown or insert at all. Fortunately I can copyclip from the problem files to a new file and at that point I can audit. Not sure if I do that to all the xrefs all problems would be solved, but with 2 projects submittals due Fri, there is no time.

History of the files:
files where version 07
used MicroStation Batch Converter to knock em down to 05

With limited time I'm hoping this is an ARX in xrefs that can be unloaded, or some other quick fix
Don't think it would be good to post the files, I boo boo'd last week, so I should stay out of trouble for awhile

as always Thx's in advance
Title: Re: ARX error
Post by: mjfarrell on November 06, 2009, 07:35:48 AM
When you say CIVIL files; from what application did they originate?

Is it possible to send me the files next week so that I can dig into back at the Lab?

I'm looking for possible causes, and solutions today based on data in your post.

Do you have access to MAP?  If so typically performing an ALL query against a problem file with MAP will strip out any invald cad objects, and make the errors stop.
Title: Re: ARX error
Post by: PHX cadie on November 06, 2009, 02:35:32 PM
Thx's Mike, but found the fix earlier in the week. Searched AutoDesk for eDuplicateKey and found the fix, thought about posting, but didn't (my bust).

The files were from Acad 07, and from what little reading I've done, it seems 07 doesn't play well with versions <04. It caused havoc with my 05, no copyclip/chgspace, even had to fix spell check, (earlier fixes from posts by myself and DGC's). All that plus the files are in ProjectWise. I'm getting balder everyday.

I do appreciate your time, Thank You Sir