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Title: FYI for you 2005 users
Post by: Mark on August 17, 2004, 03:44:37 PM
Have you noticed this AutoCAD Startup Accelerator in the Startup folder of the Start menu? Go to Start --> All Programs --> Startup

Accelerates the startup of AutoCAD by populating disk cache

Ya don't say!! Some how I don't believe them. There is more crap running in the background then you can believe. Start acad and try this:
Code: [Select]

::you'll find these in the table::
acad.exe                    3580 Console                 0     33,632 K
AdskCleanup.0001            4036 Console                 0        864 K
AdskScSrv.exe               3872 Console                 0      1,532 K
WSCommCntr1.exe             2056 Console                 0      5,164 K

those are all started by acad 2005.  great..........!!