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Re: We need a challenge!
« Reply #30 on: April 18, 2006, 03:24:57 PM »
How about something that played an MCHammer .wav (Can't touch this) everytime someone opened a "read-only" doc? 

 :lmao:  I like that !


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Re: We need a challenge!
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Maybe I posted this on the wrong page.


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Re: We need a challenge!
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Here is something that may give a challenge. 

Select your plotting area with a floating paper window that user can locate the desired center of this paper window.  The size of this paper window would be based on the size of the paper selected and the desired scale.   I picture using the default plotting dialog box so as that you can have all the default features of Autodesk.  When opening selected the user will be taken to editor window in similar fashion as when the Window option.  The user would see the outline of paper edge and can float it over the geometry until the user selects the desired center of this floating paper window.  ACAD then would only plot what is inside the limits of the floating paper window.

We have in the Office a cad program called DrawBase.  Anybody knows of it.  IMHO, it lousy cad program that I had the misfortune of trying to learn.  Basically, you had to turn logically cad thinking inside out then upside down.  However in it defense there was few good attributes.  One was this plotting feature. 
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Re: We need a challenge!
« Reply #33 on: April 19, 2006, 03:02:05 AM »
Anyone have good challenge to put forth?

what about a series of challenges over time, that once complete, can be combined to create a suite of applications, or one (much larger) useful utility.

One idea that springs to mind is something that has been floated here before.... a mini EDMS or some form of document management utility.
Spec out what the doc mangement utility would require in terms of functions then issue each one as a challenge.
Once all the challenges are complete, combine them to form the full program, make it free for all swampers and offer it for a nominal fee to outsiders... or free to all participants (whether their routine is chosen or not) and for a nominal fee to anyone else. It would help with the upkeep of the swamp !

Challenge: Routine to create a new database in Access with a table containing a field for each atttribute in a user selected titleblock.
Must prompt user to select titleblock
Must prompt user for name and location of database
Must also add fields for path and filename and ... ?

If anyone is taking a stab at this one.  Jon Fleming's ADOLISP (do a Google search) might be of help.