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Hi all
  Been very busy with my new job in Wa State... for fun I have been doing video for making
training tapes for Autocad and ended up using a Mac G5 so as research goes I found that
there is another product besides Carlson for doing what we do with Civil/Survey work.
Check this out...

It can do from data collection to road design and output to dwg/dxf
I don't know the cost of it, but if your company has struggled with the new expenses of autodesk then
please visit this and give me your feedback on what you think or know about this.
Customization is by VBA, which I would rather not learn, but if the cost and adapatablity is
better than the alternative to Civil3D then it just could be worth looking at.
I don't have any interests in this software. I just found it and it is usable in Both Windows and Mac G5.

Happy New year to all

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