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Xref file discussion
« on: August 08, 2005, 04:28:42 PM »
here is what I do....

Arch files get saved to

0000 fake project\Arch\<date>\

ARCH Files get cleaned, layers, colors, usless information

Those files get saved as the same filename in a (base) ARCH directory.

00000 fake prject\Arch\

The files that were jsut saved then get xref'ed to a file called

Xref-<floor>-fp or RCP

That file is saved into the Company directory.

0000 fake prject\company\

The next step is the project sheets. Each sheet gets the correct XREF-##-XX file and the TB xref.

Is there are command or setting that I can use to keep the layer information from the Xref-##-XX file?? Visretain take the information from the master files (the ones in the ARCH directory).

The problem is that the XREF-##-RCP file needs to have the furniture shut off and it is on the XREF-##-RCP plan but when you xref it in the sheet files the furniture is turned on again becasue on the master file it is on. I can not shut it off on the master file cause then I would jsut have to turn it on in the XREF-##-FP file and on all the sheets that get that xrefed to it.

The reason I need the XREF-##-XX files are because my company does thier work on that plan and then it gets xrefed to all the sheets instead of doing out work on our sheets. Basically the sheets files are just for printing.

So if there are command that I can set or something to let teh layers be controled from the XREF-##-XX drawings instead of the master plan?


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Xref file discussion
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2005, 05:34:16 PM »
Visretain take the information from the master files (the ones in the ARCH directory).

Sounds like visretain is set to 0. Try setting it to 1 nad make your layer changes.

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