Author Topic: AutoCAD DataExtraction but with HANDLE  (Read 830 times)

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AutoCAD DataExtraction but with HANDLE
« on: May 26, 2023, 08:42:57 AM »
Good day. Requesting for an AutoLISP function that is similar with DataExtraction but also shows the object HANDLE.

Select Objects
Collects the Objects' Properties as CSV file
Export CSV file and automatically open as Excel file

say, user selects 995 objects; output will be an excel file with 996 rows (1 row header + 995 rows of data)
The function sequence may be similar to PolyInfo by Lee Mac

for Object Types: POINT, POLYLINE, REGION, BLOCK only.
for Object Properties: LAYER, HYPERLINK, NAME(object type), BLOCK NAME(for blocks), HANDLE, COLOR, COUNT, AREA, LENGTH, PERIMETER (for regions)

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