Author Topic: How to Trim/Remove all objects inside a selected set of Rectangle/Polygon?  (Read 641 times)

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I wanted to remove all the objects that are inside the selected number of Rectangles (Remove all objects except Dimension & Polyline that is on specific layer named "Undelete").
I tried Extrim command but it deletes objects only one at a time. Also there is no option to not remove polyline ( that is on "Undelete" layer) which is inside a rectangle.
Similar case for "Cookiecutter".
Is there a lisp routine that :
1.Ask for selecting multiple rectangles.
2.Remove every objects inside rectangle except Dimension.
Thank you!


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Check out this thread for selecting inside polylines. Combine with SSGET filter to exclude what you want.


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Try this Extrim for Multiple Selection (found on other Forum)!
Code: [Select]
;Extrim Multiple
;Original code posted by marko_ribar to
;Edited by benhubel to suit his frivolous desires
;Please forgive the code hacks, I don't actually know what I'm doing.

(defun c:et () ;normal extrim shortcut for quick access
) ;end et

(defun c:eti () ;shortcut to extrim on the inside of all selected and closed polylines
(setq etside 1)
) ;end eti

(defun c:eto () ;shortcut to extrim on the outside of all selected and closed polylines
(setq etside 2)
) ;end eto

(defun c:etm ( / rnd GroupByNum ptonline ptinsideent highlight
                    ss n en ed enA minpt maxpt dx dy pt dxx dyy ) ;extrim multiple

 (load "extrim.lsp")

 (defun rnd (/ modulus multiplier increment rand)
   (if (not seed)
     (setq seed (getvar "DATE"))
   (setq modulus    65536
         multiplier 25173
         increment  13849
         seed  (rem (+ (* multiplier seed) increment) modulus)
         rand     (/ seed modulus)

 (defun GroupByNum ( l n / f )
   (defun f ( a b )
     (if (and a (< 0 b))
       (cons (car a) (f (setq l (cdr a)) (1- b)))
   (if l (cons (f l n) (GroupByNum l n)))

 (defun ptonline ( pt pt1 pt2 / vec12 vec1p d result )
   (setq vec12 (mapcar '- pt2 pt1))
   (setq vec12 (reverse (cdr (reverse vec12))))
   (setq vec1p (mapcar '- pt pt1))
   (setq vec1p (reverse (cdr (reverse vec1p))))
   (setq vec2p (mapcar '- pt2 pt))
   (setq vec2p (reverse (cdr (reverse vec2p))))
   (setq d (distance '(0.0 0.0) vec12) d1 (distance '(0.0 0.0) vec1p) d2 (distance '(0.0 0.0) vec2p))
   (if (equal d (+ d1 d2) 1e- (setq result T) (setq result nil))

 (defun ptinsideent ( pt ent / msp ptt xlin int k kk tst result )
   (setq msp (vla-get-modelspace (vla-get-activedocument (vlax-get-acad-object))))
   (setq ptt (vlax-curve-getclosestpointto ent pt))
   (setq xlin (vla-addxline msp (vlax-3d-point pt) (vlax-3d-point ptt)))
   (setq int (GroupByNum (vlax-invoke (if (eq (type ent) 'ENAME) (vlax-ename->vla-object ent)) 'intersectwith xlin acExtendBoth) 3))
   (setq int (vl-sort int '(lambda (a b) (< (vlax-curve-getparamatpoint xlin a) (vlax-curve-getparamatpoint xlin b)))))
   (setq k 0)
   (while (< (setq k (1+ k)) (length int))
     (if (and (eq (rem k 2) 1) (ptonline pt (nth (- k 1) int) (nth k int))) (setq tst (cons T tst)) (setq tst (cons nil tst)))
   (setq tst (reverse tst))
   (setq k 0)
   (mapcar '(lambda (x) (setq k (1+ k)) (if (eq x T) (setq kk k))) tst)
   (vla-delete xlin)
   (if kk
     (if (eq (rem kk 2) 1) (setq result T) (setq result nil))
     (setq result nil)

 (setq highlight (getvar "HighLight"))
 (acet-error-init (list
                    (list   "cmdecho" 0
                          "highlight" highlight
                          "regenmode" 1
                             "osmode" 0
                            "ucsicon" 0
                         "offsetdist" 0
                             "attreq" 0
                           "plinewid" 0
                          "plinetype" 1
                           "gridmode" 0
                            "celtype" "CONTINUOUS"
                          "ucsfollow" 0
                           "limcheck" 0
                    T     ;flag. True means use undo for error clean up.
                    '(if redraw_it (redraw na 4))

 (prompt "\nSelect closed entities: ")
 (if (setq ss (ssget (append (list '(-4 . "<or") '(0 . "CIRCLE") '(-4 . "<and") '(0 . "*POLYLINE") '(-4 . "<not") '(-4 . "&=") '(70 .  '(-4 . "not>") '(-4 . "&=") '(70 . 1) '(-4 . "and>") '(-4 . "<and") '(0 . "SPLINE") '(-4 . "&=") '(70 . 1) '(-4 . "and>") '(-4 . "<and") '(0 . "ELLIPSE") '(41 . 0.0)) (list (cons 42 (* 2 pi))) (list '(-4 . "and>") '(-4 . "or>")))))
     (setq n (sslength ss))
     (while (>= (setq n (1- n)) 0)
       (setq en (ssname ss n) ed (entget en) enA (vlax-ename->vla-object en))
         (vla-getboundingbox enA 'minpoint 'maxpoint)
        minpt (vlax-safearray->list minpoint)
        maxpt (vlax-safearray->list maxpoint)
       (setq dx (- (car maxpt) (car minpt)))
       (setq dy (- (cadr maxpt) (cadr minpt)))
       (setq pt '(0.0 0.0 0.0)) ;I think this was originally put here to initialize pt. I don't actually see why it's needed.
(if(= etside nil)(setq etside (getint "\nDo you want to trim inside or outside? (1)Inside or (2)Outside: ")));Ask if this is an inside job or if we need our forces outside the curves.
(if(= etside 2) ;If the variable etside has been set to (2)Outside
(setq pt '(9999999.0 9999999.0 9999999.0));get a point in the middle of nowhere. The unlucky ******* who puts his geometry around this point will have problems. Poor guy.
;else  -  setting the etside int to (1)Inside is a placebo, it could've been set to 93. We probably need some error handling of some sort here
(while (not (ptinsideent pt en));get a point inside the polyline. marko_ribar did far better with this part than I know how to do.
(setq dxx (* dx (rnd)))
(setq dyy (* dy (rnd)))
(setq pt (list (+ (car minpt) dxx) (+ (cadr minpt) dyy) 0.0))
);end if
       (etrim en pt)
 (setq etside nil) ;reset etside to nil just to make sure an error doesn't slip through on second run. I'm not sure if it actually helps or not.


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Thank you @danAllen. Got the idea on how to solve it.
Also, @Johncamper, the code gives an error when trying to use it.