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David Hall:

I am trying to use some code that I think Bryco helped me with years ago to extrude a circle along a spline path.  I cannot figure out why this doesn't work

--- Code: ---Public Sub DrawCable()
      On Error GoTo err_control
'      Dim InsPt As Variant, dblRot As Double, strPrompt As String, intBusCenterLine As Integer
      Dim dblBusDia As Double
      Dim oLayer As AcadLayer, oLine As AcadSpline, objPath As Object
Dim newPT1(2) As Double
Dim newPT2(2) As Double
Dim P1, P2
Dim V(2) As Double, Unit As Double, Vn(2) As Double
Dim oCyl As Acad3DSolid, oCircle As AcadCircle
Dim regent(0) As AcadEntity
Dim oReg As Variant

      dblBusDia = 1.45
      Set oLayer = ThisDrawing.Layers.Add("3D-BUSS-CALC")
      oLayer.color = 234
      Dim objSelected As Object
      Dim objSelSet As AcadSelectionSet
      Set oLayer = ThisDrawing.Layers.Add("3D-BUSS")
      oLayer.color = 3
      Set objSelSet = ThisDrawing.SelectionSets.Add("Bus")
For Each objSelected In objSelSet
            If Not TypeOf objSelected Is AcadSpline Then
                  MsgBox "That was not a Layout Line"
                  Exit Sub
            End If
            Set oLine = objSelected
            Set objPath = objSelected
            newPT1(0) = oLine.FitPoints(0): newPT1(1) = oLine.FitPoints(1): newPT1(2) = oLine.FitPoints(2)
            newPT2(0) = oLine.FitPoints(3): newPT2(1) = oLine.FitPoints(4): newPT2(2) = oLine.FitPoints(5)
            P1 = newPT1
            P2 = newPT2
            V(0) = P2(0) - P1(0): V(1) = P2(1) - P1(1): V(2) = P2(2) - P1(2)
      'Normalise the vector(It's length=1)
            Unit = Sqr(V(0) * V(0) + V(1) * V(1) + V(2) * V(2))
            Vn(0) = V(0) / Unit: Vn(1) = V(1) / Unit: Vn(2) = V(2) / Unit
            Set oCircle = ThisDrawing.ModelSpace.AddCircle(P1, dblBusDia / 2)
            oCircle.Normal = Vn    ' Vn or V both work here.
            Set regent = oCircle
            oReg = ThisDrawing.ModelSpace.AddRegion(regent)
            Set oCyl = ThisDrawing.ModelSpace.AddExtrudedSolidAlongPath(oReg(0), objPath)
            oCyl.Layer = "3D-BUSS"
      ThisDrawing.SetVariable "INSUNITS", 1
      Unload frmBus
      Exit Sub
      Select Case Err.Number

      Case "-2145320851"
      Case Else
            MsgBox Err.Description
            Resume Exit_Here
      End Select
End Sub

--- End code ---

David Hall:
It works all the way to this line

--- Code: ---Set oCyl = ThisDrawing.ModelSpace.AddExtrudedSolidAlongPath(oReg(0), objPath)
--- End code ---

David Hall:
And if I stop the code after the region is created, I can manually extrude the region along the spline, so I know it can be done.

David Hall:
Any takers?

It's Alive!:
you're wanting to extrude a region? did you try with just a circle?
ThisDrawing.ModelSpace.AddExtrudedSolidAlongPath(oReg(0), oCircle )


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