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SelectCrossingWindow return Error?

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a) I do not zoom in the selection, because I read the selectionframe from the current view. Therefore the frame is always correct.

b) "Editor.SelectCrossingWindows" does not throw an exception, only the "PromptSelectionResult.Status" is "Error".

c) My mistake was that I didn't try / debug in other drawings right away. Otherwise this thread would not have arisen.

d) yup, some errors only occur on Wednesdays and only if you haven't drunk any coffee from the blue cup.  :whistling: :mrgreen:

best regards

Have your coordinates been transformed from WCS to UCS?


sorry for the late reply.

It must definitely be the dwg. My current solution is to display everything, mark everything and write it out with WBLOCK. It works again in the new DWG.

It does not help to check and clean up the affected DWG.

I am not allowed to publish the affected DWG.

Best regards


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