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How to get all namespaces inside AutoCad to List


My problem, is I need search
 = one namepace  with prefix Autocad(wcmatch "*Acad*")
 = two namespace external autocad
That reason
 a)very easy namespace_alltolist.exe with main function "list" all recoginzed "namespaces"
 b)I need .dll  with with autoCad2010x86
Both versions .dll and .exe, because I need compare isInside BricsCad2021 & AutoCad2010.                     

--- Code: ---var groups = assembly.GetTypes()
                     .Where(t => t.IsClass) // Only include classes
                     .GroupBy(t => t.Namespace);
foreach (var group in groups)
    Console.WriteLine("Namespace: {0}", group.Key);
    foreach (var type in group)
--- End code ---
Visual Lisp 
(netload "")
(setq alln (vla_get_alltolist ""))
-->          alln'( "Autobus.Loggers.Serilog 0.1.2", "AutoCad.Net.2008-JingBox 1.0.0", " 1.0.0" ," "AutoCAD-2009.Net.Interop.x64 1.0.3")
Thank you

beck's bolero:
maybe use AppDomain.CurrentDomain?
or just use ILSpy


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