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autolisp samples for ACA AMEP CIVIL objects


Anyone could share some samples for manipulating ACA AMEP and CIVIL objects?

anything like extract object name styles, change PropertiesSetValues, Find string inside PropertiesSetData, etc.

Reason: I am learning AutoLisp

Hi jtm2020hyo,

Autodesk changed the way ACA / AEC stores data around the year 2004. Till this date, data was stored in DXF-groupcodes, which could easyly accessed with LISP.
After that date, they changed the way the data was stored into a drawing. But the did not changed the LISP-enviroment.
They just added some function to display this objects, the so called proxy-object. (which in fact can also be a object created by some third-party application)

By this, you can see ACA/AEC objects, but you can not access their data with LISP.
Same thing with civil objects.

Now the good news:
- for learning lisp, you don't need this objects. All data prior 2004 was available through methods which where pretty the same as "in normal" LISP. (
Just be aware of "I can do anything with lisp"

I believe data is know stored in dictionarys, but there is is no documentation available.

Anyway, here are some links to study: <- one of my favourites

good luck

Not quite right for CIV3D.

"By this, you can see ACA/AEC objects, but you can not access their data with LISP.
Same thing with civil objects."

The hard part is finding info and examples, of how to access the civ3d objects. Some are very straight forward using VL for example set a cogo point rotation, get info of a point and display as text. Think Elev or XYZ.

I have change surface displays via a Tool bar using icons like 0.1 0.25 0.5 1.0 OFF watershed, supports multiple surfaces. Way faster than using toolspace.

You can change label styles of a point or say group and so on.

One thing I have and Autodesk don't is import description key sets, you can export to say excel but no import option, if you want to make a new set can do, or add a few new ones, ours had like 250 Keys.

Ok now for some big hints yes data dictionaries involved and in some cases you have to jump sideways and look in another dictionary when changing object properties.

You need to open the civ3d database with correct version the numbers change but luckily you can look in registry for correct value.

If you can summarise what your looking for it may exist.


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