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How to create JSON files from simple drawings?


I'm thinking about the creation of JSON, based on simple DWG: line, point, text, No 3D, no hatch, no dynamic, no tables, ....

What is the current state of the art? Are there (simple?), stable tools? Inside Autocad / Bricscad or external?
Or is this topic still a rarely used exotic foreigner?


beck's bolero:
Possible, for example in C#, derive a class from DwgFiler/DxfFiler that implements JsonSerializer Class. Not a trivial though


--- Quote from: It's Alive! on September 27, 2022, 09:05:35 PM ---...Not a trivial though

--- End quote ---
Are there "ready-to-use"-tools?

beck's bolero:
how about using data extraction to a .CSV, then convert that to a JSON format?
I see some tools online to convert .CSV to JSON


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