Author Topic: Update/Replace an existing alignment object with another Alignment object  (Read 1441 times)

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I have an alignment which has a surface profile, and is used as a corridor baseline.
I want to update/replace the alignment in this drawing with an alignment/profile stored in another drawing.
Is there any way to do this with the .NET API?

Ideally I want to keep the same alignment in the original drawing, and just update it with the new alignment.
Im tying to avoid going down the route of simply bringing in the new alignment/profile, and then updating everything that refeference sit (eg the corridor) to point to the new alignment. That feels like opening a can of worms with the potential to miss something, especially as Civil 3D gets updated in future years and may have new functionality and objects related to alignments

We know that data shortcuts allow us to do this, but we have so many problems with data shortcuts, that we are looking for alternative ways we can share Civil 3D objects between drawings without using them.


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I wrote something in LISP to recreate/update an alignment from a polyline. It may be useful to you
Cheers, Rod.
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