Author Topic: Foreach locks out needed SINGLE circle/text select-ability (SOLVED!)  (Read 830 times)

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In my micro-attempt at this, any suggestions in how to remove a single object [circle/text] would be very helpful. Just been peaking into changing Lee Mac's tool which has a reactor Live radius of its created circle. How can this be changed to disable a single object from its reactor. Thanks
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(defun c:crx ()
;; (alert "\n--> Reactors <not on locked layer> Disabled.
;;\n Cancel if Working Reactor Item(s) Need to be Secured in Locked Layer")
  (foreach reactor '(*ex:circle->text *ex:text->circle)  ;; <<--
  (if (boundp reactor) (vlr-remove (eval reactor)))
  (set reactor nil)
 TheSwamp [God Blessed] has handed me the solution!
Here's the link: (author reveal request)
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