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XData with DXF-Code 1011 not transformed with custom object.


It's Alive!:
should it be? or is this up to the object to do?

It's Alive!:
its in the docs dummy

--- Quote ---AcDbObject::xDataTransformBy

This method applies the xform transformation matrix to any XData data types 1011, 1021, 1031, 1012, 1022, 1032, 1013, 1023, 1033, 1041, and 1042 in the object's XData. See the documentation on XData for more information on the way the transformation matrix is applied to the different data types.

This method should be called from within the transformBy() method on custom entities so that such entities will transform XData in the same way that the built-in AcDb entities do.

Returns Acad::eOk if successful.
--- End quote ---


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