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Hi there, I'm Martin. A software developer, among other things.

Looking for people interested in developing a CAD software for Linux.

PM if you are interested. This is what is done so far (see atatchment).

1. What language are you using?
2. Library or general coding?
3. General tools you are using (compiler, IDE/build system, etc)?

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Sure, move it where it belongs.

I use Gambas, it is a sort of Visual Basic but more powerfull. It has its own IDE and compiler.

Here is the proyect and repo:

What is most needed is not actual code but all that makes a piece of software good. Take note that this is FOSS, so I'm not hiring for a salary.

I am develping a new CAD software for Linux, wich is in a very advanced stage. It is made in Gambas3 an complete IDE and compiler. Similar to VB, but more powerfull I beleive.

Still a lot of work todo, so this is a "Help Wanted" post. Did this in the wrong section, so posting again here. A screenshot is at:

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Hello tercoide,
FYI: I merged the "old" thread with this one. I also modified your post above slightly (sorry).


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